A group of 10 municipalities in the Southwest Butler County region of Pennsylvania have come together in an unprecedented effort to combat regional flooding. After a series of widespread floods in the summer of 2019, the municipalities organized a comprehensive study of the region to better understand and manage this threat. The study was funded jointly by the municipalities and cost $25,000. This led to the formation of the Southwest Butler Stormwater Management Group, which has now raised over $5 million to fund 22 stormwater infrastructure projects throughout the region.

The money was awarded through Butler County’s Municipal Infrastructure Program grants, and the projects are matched locally by the communities. The total cost of the projects is $9,717,866. The funding will benefit the 10 municipalities, which include Adams Township, Cranberry Township, Evans City, Forward Township, Harmony, Jackson Township, Lancaster Township, Penn Township, Seven Fields, and Zelienople.

The success of this group has been a result of unprecedented cooperation, with a wide range of political viewpoints coming together for the greater good. “It’s very difficult to get people in a room together — we have a wide range of political viewpoints here — but this was a prudent, collaborative, positive experience, and it has reaped great benefits,” said Jerry Andree, the group’s facilitator. The group’s success has also led to the exploration of addressing additional concerns, demonstrating that this cooperative effort could extend to other issues affecting the municipalities in the region.

Read more details at the Cranberry Eagle.

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