Evans City held a council meeting where residents and borough council members addressed their concerns regarding stormwater flooding. One resident, Michele Quinlan, expressed her worry about the impact of Route 528’s resurfacing five years ago, which has caused her property to landslide during heavy rain. To tackle the issue, the council approved three engineering proposals for the borough’s stormwater management system, aiming for a comprehensive solution.

The first proposal focuses on study and design work throughout the next year, followed by a construction and infrastructure project to improve stormwater handling. The final proposal outlines plans for ongoing stormwater infrastructure operation and maintenance. In addition, the council approved a temporary extension for burning times to help residents clear debris after recent windstorms. They also reformed event permits, addressing aspects such as scheduling, road closures, policing, alcohol, and entertainment. This collaborative effort between residents and the council demonstrates their commitment to addressing the critical issue of stormwater management in Evans City.

Read more: https://www.cranberryeagle.com/2023/04/05/evans-city-residents-council-address-stormwater-concerns/

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