Welcome To

Evans City Borough

Moving Into The Borough

 Here is a list of the utilities that you may want to call to set up service.


Penn Power 1-800-720-3600 


Peoples Gas 1-800-764-0111


Armstrong Cable 1-844-423-5049

Century Link 1-877-862-9343


ECWSA 724-432-3428

Garbage and Recycling Information

Residents must contact
Vogal Disposal  (724) 625-1511
Waste Management (800) 866-4460
to arrange trash and recycling service.

Trash bins are supplied by your contracted service.
Recycle bins can be requested by calling the borough office and our Public Works crew will deliver to your address.

Please contact your curbside hauler to be sure the RIGHT recyclables are in your bin!
The wrong recyclables can spoil everything.
Thank YOU for doing the RIGHT thing.
Do Your Part…
Butler Co. Dept. of Recycling & Waste Mgt.
PO Box 1208,
Butler, PA 16001
Phone 724.284.5305
Email skelly@co.butler.pa



Community Sign

Does your organization need to post something on our community Bulletin Board located by EDCO Park? Fill out the form HERE to request a week-long posting.  Cost is $15/week and checks can be made to the Evans City Public Library.  Any questions may be directed to Ann Kilby at (724)586-2833.




Other Frequently Asked Questions

When does Borough Council meet? Are meetings public?
The Evans City Council meets the first Monday of every month at 7:00pm in
the Library Community Room. If the first Monday falls on a holiday, the
meeting will be held Tuesday following the holiday.  All meetings are

How do I reserve the Chapel at the Evans City Cemetery?
Arrangements for the Evans City Cemetery (also the filming location for George Romero’s 1968 classic film, Night of the Living Dead) can be made by calling the Kinsey-Volz Funeral Home at (724) 538-8123. 

Help, my street light is out!
Not a problem!  There are 2 options:
Call Beth at the office and she’ll make the necessary arrangements
call Penn Power at 1-888-544-4877 to report the Street Light Outage.
Either way, your streetlight should be up and working within the week. 


How do I speak with a police officer?

In Seven Fields and Evans City (Butler County), you must dial 9-1-1 for
Police, Fire and EMS services. The Butler County 9-1-1 center manages
all requests for service and support. Calling office numbers will result
in a delayed response. We understand that callers may be uncomfortable
dialing 9-1-1 for what they feel is a non-emergency, however, the 9-1-1
system in Butler County tracks all calls and dispatches the necessary
law enforcement or emergency personnel through 9-1-1. Calling 9- 1-1
ensures the proper response and follow-up. An emergency is any situation
that requires immediate assistance from the police, fire, and/or an

Examples include:
to report a crime, especially if in progress
to report a car accident, especially if someone is injured
to report a fire
in a medical emergency
to report a suspicious vehicle and/or person
to report a missing person
to report a drunk driver
if you witness someone littering or loitering
if you witness people yelling, screaming or fighting
if you lock your keys in the car

Call the Evans City/Seven Fields Regional Police Department administrative
office, 724-591-5993, only in these instances:
-to follow-up on an existing case
-request a copy of a police report