The Public Works Crew have been out picking up leaves for the last few weeks.  Yes, we know, they all aren’t down yet and a lot of our trees are still green.  For those of you who are new to town, or have forgotten, every fall, around the end of October, our public Works crew picks up piles of leaves that have been raked up and placed next to the road.  We have a leaf machine that vacuums them up and we take them to a recycling site. There is no set schedule or route, but they go back and forth through town, mainly getting the worst spots first.  Often, they’ll pick up leaves from a single house multiple times. 

Every year, they plan to have the leaves picked up by the Friday before Thanksgiving. This is to allow the crew time to change the leaf machine out with the salt spreader and plow on the truck so we are ready for any snow that might come our way this season.   

Please have your leaves out by Friday, November 19 this year. 

As always, feel free to call the office if you have any questions.

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