Navigating Stormwater Management for a Safer Neighborhood

“Manage Your Stormwater, Protect Your Neighborhood” is an essential guide that empowers homeowners to effectively manage stormwater in their own backyards. It offers tools, strategies, and knowledge to understand stormwater, calculate the runoff generated by impervious areas, and design a personalized stormwater management plan. By fostering regional partnerships and delivering necessary services and programs, the guide serves as a roadmap to not only safeguarding individuals’ properties from possible stormwater problems but also contributing towards a healthier and safer neighborhood environment.

Your Role in Reducing Stormwater Pollution in the Community

Protecting our ecosystem from stormwater pollution is crucial, and your involvement can make all the difference. By properly disposing of hazardous materials, minimizing pollutants in lawn care, and reporting poorly managed construction sites, we can collectively stay in control of our environment. Embracing in-home stormwater practices such as rain barrels, reporting unusual outfall discharges, and responsibly handling pet waste are surprisingly easy steps that are just as impactful. As a community, tackling this issue will ensure cleaner waters and a healthier ecosystem for future generations.

Stormwater Updates

Stormwater Educational Session

Stormwater Educational Session

The community is invited to an educational public session to discuss the requirements of the stormwater MS4 permit program and the potential formation of a Regional Stormwater Authority on Monday, March 4 at 6:00 pm in the Community Room at the Evans City Public...

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