Council Member Vacancy
January 12, 2022

As of the January 3, 2022 Council Meeting, there is a vacancy that needs to be filled on the borough council.  Any registered voter of Evans City Borough that has lived within borough limits for the last year is eligible to serve, as long as they hold no other elected position, and your own personal circumstances do not forbid you from holding public office.  

Our council is composed of citizens, very similar to yourself.  They are your neighbors who volunteer a few hours of their time every month to make sure that the decisions needing to be made are the best for your families, community, and future.  Any necessary training is provided by the borough and the secretary is available to answer questions and provide background information for all business. 

This position is the best opportunity to have your voice be heard about the issues that you see in our town as well as being a driving force of the revitalization efforts that are moving forward. 

Any interested resident may submit a letter of interest to the borough office located at 204B S. Jackson St, Evans City, PA 16033 or by email at

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