Right-To-Know-Request :: Fill out this form if there is any public information that you would like access to.

Community Bulletin Board Sign Application :: The sign in front of EDCO park is available for rent if you would like to make an announcement. Proceeds benefit the library.

Building Permit Application :: If you plan on adding any permanent structure, patio, or sign, this form is for you.

Special Event Permit :: If your organization would like to hold a public event, please submit this form at least 45 days in advance.  This allows the borough to make the necessary arrangements with local services and to announce your event on the borough calendar.


The Evans City Borough Code Book is available online as a searchable database. Simply follow the link below and type your query in the search bar. A list will be populated with all codes pertaining to your search. Evans City Borough Code Book on-line.

The pdf of the 2009 International Property Maintenance Code may be viewed by clicking the button below. 
The ordinance adopting it may be viewed HERE.


2009 IPMC


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