Residents of Evans City

Evans City’s Salvation Army Unit is working a little differently this year.  We have come up with several different ways to accommodate all resident to the best of our ability during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kettles are currently placed in the Evans City Library and the Evans City Borough office for donations.  These kettles are available only during hours of operation.  This option will be in operation November and December 2020.

Coming soon to local businesses in our town there will be Salvation Army donation tags with the Salvation Army logo (in red) for you to donate at the small business in which you are supporting. You will fill out the tags and they are to be hung within the business that you made your donation.  Representatives from our Service Unit will make biweekly stops to collect donations from each business. This option will be in operation November and December 2020.

Our Final offer for donations to our town is through the ringing of the bell on our Main Street.  With COVID-19 many of our yearly volunteers would be put at risk and with that concern in mind the Evans City Lions Club has volunteered their time and resources for “Ringing the Bell” on our Main Street during December.

*****Important Notice to All Residents******

85% of All donations placed in kettles and business


Evans City stays in Evans City.

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