May 4 Council Meeting
April 13, 2020

Evans City Borough Council will meet via teleconference on May 4, 2020 at 7pm as regularly scheduled.  Public participation is encouraged by sending comments and questions to the borough office through email or by phone before May 4 at 6:45pm.  All public comment will be added to the official minutes of the meeting.  All recorded meetings will be posted on the website within the required time period. Below is the agenda with all points that will be reviewed.  

Evans City Borough Council
Regular Meeting-via teleconference
May 4, 2020

  • Call to Order/Pledge
  • Roll call
  • Public Comment
  • Discussion Points
    • Municipal Outreach Group
    • Resources for Residents
    • Mandatory Masks
    • EDCO Park Opening/payment due to Borough/purchase of cover
    • Cycle for Life
    • Rotation of Department Reports to quarterly. 
  • Official Actions
    • Motion to approve minutes of the March 2 Regular Meeting, March 20 Agenda Meeting, April 9 Special Meeting, and April 16 Agenda Meeting
    • Motion to pay expenses for April and May, as billed
    • Motion to accept the lowest responsible bid for street sweeping
    • Motion to adopt Resolution No. 2020-05 appointing Elizabeth Crowley as the Berkheimer contact
    • Motion to open PLGIT account and to initiate the process of a P-Card (procurement card)
    • Motion to approve new Borough Office Hours Mon. -Thurs, 8 am-3pm
    • Motion to permit “Cycle for Life” bike race in September 2020, contingent upon compliance with then applicable COVID-19 federal, state and local regulations.
    • Motion to pass Resolution No. 2020-06 extending the time for payment of real estate taxes at face value pursuant to S.B. 841 (April 20, 2020) and Butler County Authorization
  • Reports
    • Mayor
    • Solicitor
    • President
    • Committees
      • HR
      • Finance
      • Streets
  • New/Unfinished Business
  • Adjournment
  • Executive Session (as needed)

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