2023 Borough Council Accomplishments
January 5, 2024

The 2023 Borough Council has worked diligently to make significant strides towards enhancing the quality of life in our borough. The following is a review of the key accomplishments of the past year.

Staff Augmentations

  • In March, a new solicitor joined our team
  • A full-time Streets Department employee was added to our workforce
  • A new Borough Secretary/Treasurer was appointed

Environmental Conservation Initiatives

  • The Monarch pledge was successfully registered for the second year
  • Approval was granted by Nextier to establish a new butterfly/pollinator garden for the Monarchs at the memorials, flag and bench area at Main Street Center
  • The Main Street Monarch/pollinator garden was successfully planted

Community Development and Public Events

  • A town-wide decoration schedule for special events and holidays was approved and implemented
  • Collaborative efforts saw the 3rd National Night Out take place in August, with participating entities including the police, firemen, pool, borough, and community churches
  • Ryan Gloyer Middle School students were engaged in a day of community service, undertaking tasks such as composting the butterfly garden, washing borough vehicles, and weeding and painting curbs on the north side of town

Urban Enhancement Initiatives

  • A unique crosswalk stencils project was launched with the help of a local artist
  • The 25th annual Christmas Eve luminaries event was successfully held, reflecting a cherished tradition in our community

Infrastructure and Project Developments

  • A recycling grant was sought and approved for the procurement of a new truck and leaf machine
  • A codebook update was carried out to accommodate new rules and regulations for ECWSA
  • On the east side of town, alley pavement works were completed
  • The groundbreaking of a new Stormwater Infrastructure project, set for spring 2024, was prepared after successful bid collection and approval

Forward Planning and Resource Management

  • A detailed appraisal of the reservoir area was conducted
  • Best practices for lumbering were evaluated by a contracted forester
  • Active measures were taken to consider and evaluate potential solutions for future police protection within Evans City

Fiscal Responsiveness

  • Steady tax rates were maintained for the fiscal year 2024, marking another year of stable taxation

The Borough Council’s commitment and productivity have been central to the numerous successes of 2023. We would like to thank everyone involved in making these achievements possible, and we look forward to continuing our work in creating a stronger borough for all residents.

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