Evans City Appoints Public Safety Director and Dissolves Regional Police Department
January 4, 2024

Evans City Borough has taken a significant step towards reevaluating its community safety measures by appointing former Chief Joe McCombs as the new Public Safety Director and dissolving the Evans City-Seven Fields Regional Police Department.

The decision to appoint Joe McCombs was made through a unanimous vote by the Borough Council members on January 2, 2024. As the Public Safety Director, Mr. McCombs will evaluate potential solutions for optimal police protection in Evans City.

Cheri Deener, Evans City Borough’s council president, highlighted the council’s decision with her comments that the borough is looking into the possibility of hiring a part-time officer, whose inclusion would be beneficial for our community.

Ms. Deener further explained, “Evans City is on a new path regarding public safety. We are optimistic about the future as we look to safeguard our residents through more efficient and tailored emergency response measures.”

Through the conclusion of buyout negotiations for the remaining officers, Evans City stands ready to move forward with its newly-created Public Safety Department. Simultaneously, the borough rescinded its prior ordinance establishing the Evans City-Seven Fields Regional Police Department, effectively disbanding it as of January 1, 2024.

Residents should continue to dial 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency.

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