Evans City Approves 2024 Budget
December 11, 2023

Evans City Council has approved the 2024 budget, indicating a significant reduction in funds allocated for police services amidst the ongoing dissolution of the Evan City-Seven Fields Regional Police Department.

The budget, balanced at $860,641 in revenues and expenses, outlines the borough’s primary expenditures for the forthcoming year. The 2023 budget allocated $325,000 for contracted police services, with actual expenses registering at $65,708 less as of December. In contrast, the 2024 budget designates a flat $200,000 for the department.

As the dissolution progresses, Council President Cheri Deener-Kohan revealed the borough’s strategic move to keep some funds for the police department: “We don’t know what the end result is going to be. So we have to have some money set aside.”

Deener-Kohan also highlighted that stormwater improvements will remain a major capital improvement project for the borough, supported by the $528,320 Municipal Program Infrastructure grants awarded through the county in January.

As the police department’s dissolution continues, the borough is relying on state police services, pending arbitration outcomes.

Read more at the Cranberry Eagle.

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